he completes me

Tonight my amazing husband and I will go on our first date since the arrival of our daughter. I've been looking forward to and dreading this for some time. Only dreading because that means leaving my Jessi girl with a babysitter and I'm slightly obsessed with her. But more important than watching over my childs every breath, is dating my husband. It was so much easier before we were parents, and could focus 100% on each other. Now our lives revolve around diapers, feeding schedules and bedtime routines. But that doesn't give us the excuse to neglect our marriage. In 18 years when she is all grown up and hopefully moved out of our house, he will still be there. If we ignore our relationship to only focus on our children, it will die. The passion will go away, the laughter will cease. It will become more of a business arrangement than a beautiful thing God created and blessed us with.

So we date. We flirt. We keep the magic alive. Not always the easiest when at the end of the day I'm exhausted and covered in who knows what liquids that have come from my sweet girl.  A hot shower and bed are pretty appealing most evenings once she's closed her eyes, but the time alone with him is so precious and important.  I hope that in 30 years our children will know what true love is and will mirror their relationships after ours. What an honor that will be.

Because afterall, I love him more today than the day I married him. And in the very sappy love story kind of way - he completes me.