my defining moment

We have a lot of defining moments in our lives. Things that make us who we are, and mold us into the person we are to become.  I had a defining moment as a mother this weekend.  A moment I will never forget, one that made me realize "i'm a mom". I got pooped AND peed on at the same time. That's right. All over me. All over the floor. All over the dishwasher.  Just all over.

It was bath time and I stood holding my precious naked baby, about to plop her in the tub when everything exploded. I realized in that moment...this is my life.  I'm a mom. Funny thing didn't really phase me in the least, because I had the most adorable little girl cracking up at me. Yes, she thought it was funny so I got over it very quickly.

Oh...and Daddy got to clean that one up once he was done laughing at me.

What was your "defining moment" as a parent?