the rocking chair

I'll admit it. I can be lazy. Sometimes I take the short cuts just to make life a little bit easier. Jessi loves her swing. Loves it. That girl would live in the thing if I'd let her. We are in the process of trying to get on a good sleep schedule hoping it helps with some fussiness if she's napping well throughout the day. So a lot of times I feed her and stick her in the swing and let it rock her to sleep. I can lay on the couch eating bon bons and watching CSI reruns?? Hello lazy me!! It hit me that the only time I rock her to sleep and put her down is at bedtime. Ok...go ahead and judge. But sometimes this process takes a while and CSI is calling!! This made me lazy do we get as Christians? We let someone else do the hard work for us. I'm so guilty of this. I read blogs and learn through others experiences instead of rolling up my sleeves and doing it myself. L-A-Z-Y!!

As a mommy, I'm going to take the extra time to rock my baby to sleep...just to spend that precious time with her. As a Christ follower I want to do the same. Sit in that rocking chair and make the change myself instead of relying on someone or something else to do it. It's not always a quick and easy change. Jessi hasn't been a fan of napping in her crib and it will take a while for us to get there, but we will. Sometimes you have to walk through some difficult times before you can make a good change and impact. In the end, all the rocking will be worth it.

Do you need to step it up and make a change in some area of your life? Stop relying on a crutch and go for it!!