thank you jack bauer

To say that we are 24 fans would be a bit of an understatement.  We. are. obsessed.  We have watched every moment of every show.  I mean come on...we even named our dog Jack Bauer. Last night was a sad evening in our house when it all came to an end.  We said goodbye to Jack.  We said goodbye to Chloe.  It was an amazing run, and came to an amazing end.  Chloe cried...and I can't let Chloe cry alone.

A huge thank you to my husband for getting me hooked on this show.  Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about 24 when it began so I didn't get started from the beginning.  But my hubby took care of that and quickly got me caught up as soon as he had a chance.  I seriously think I have 24 to thank for our relationship because of the 96 hours we spent watching this show together to get me caught up. A year later we were married.  Thank you Jack Bauer.

We'll miss you Jack.  Thanks for saving the world.