give me back my body!!

Now that I am two months postpartum...I feel it is time to start working on this lovely body I have received from pregnancy.  I know I moaned and groaned for 9 months, and actually thought once it was over all would be wonderful and back to normal. What was I thinking?

So, here I am a few pounds heavier than I would like to be.  Yikes.  Since the pregnancy was so rough, I ate a few more gallons of ice cream than I probably should have and now have about 15 extra pounds to lose. I'm just not a huge fan of my new "mom body".

Please help me out! What are some good things to do??  I can't diet and count calories (due to breastfeeding).  I can't join a gym because that costs money and we are a single income family now. I'm not very good at workout videos, but I think I could give them another shot if I had something good. Basically this is not my cup-o-tea, but I gotta do something! I need my body back!

What are your recommendations for someone that hates working out and loves chocolate chip cookies a little too much?