8 weeks

Wow.  Seriously where has the time gone?? Jessi is already 8 weeks old! I am loving this age. She absolutely loves her mommy which makes me very happy, so I'll cherish this time because in about 13 years I probably won't be as cool. She's so happy and laughs all the time.  Ok...not ALL the time, but the amount of crying is getting less and less and we are able to comfort her more. Everyone tells me at 3 months there is a huge change, so hopefully in another month she'll be even more adjusted to life! We've figured out that she is ticklish, but she hasn't figured out that it's funny yet.  She squirms like crazy but doesn't laugh yet when we tickle her.  I can't wait for her to realize how funny it is!

She loves to sit up and is so alert all the time.  Since she's been holding her head up since day one, and getting stronger every day, yesterday we spent a little time in the bumbo.  She loved it! Soon that little neck will be even stronger and she won't need my help.

Just Chillin'

Our little one is growing like crazy! We love you Jessi girl!