a trip...a break

Today we are off on a short vacation to Oklahoma to visit family and friends. Everyone will get to meet Jessi and hang with her and I know that's what everyone is really looking forward to. What am I looking forward to? A break.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with my kid. She is my joy. But I am exhausted. For the past 7 weeks I have spent every moment with her and my world has revolved around her every coo, poo, feeding, drool, smile and precious giggle. But in 7 weeks I haven't taken a moment for myself. So this week I'm going to rest and let my family spend time with her. I'm going to leave her for the first time and go get my hair done. Maybe I'll get a coffee and sit. It might get wild.

As a mom my world has completely changed. But I am realizing how important it is to still take some time for me. So for my sanity, and under strict orders from my hubby...I will rest.  I will take a break.

A huge thank you in advance to our family for loving our baby girl and letting this tired mommy have a break!