what if?

At Catalyst a couple weeks ago, we were encouraged by one of the speakers to have a "what if" meeting with our families.  He said that he would bring in a white board and the family would gather around and write a bunch of "what if's" on the board. What if we got a dog?

What if we cleaned the kitchen?

What if we read the bible together?

What if we went on a cruise?

What if we took a yoga class?

What if we went on a mission trip as a family?

What if... What if... What if?

and so on.  He said to come up with about 15-20 random what if's.  They can be serious, ridiculous, funny...whatever.  Just whatever comes to mind. Eventually one or two of those what if's might begin to surface.  It might start to turn into something you as a family really consider.  Maybe it is time to take a trip together, or maybe it just just time to clean the kitchen.

Brook and I asked ourselves a couple of "what if's" that week.  One really kinda surprised us both, but seems to be something God has really laid on our hearts as a couple.  I have no idea what God will do with this what if, and what it means at this point but it's exciting to allow your hearts to be opened to the possibilities of God's full potential for your life.

I encourage you to ask some "what if's".  Ask anything.  And pray.  See what God puts on your heart and what you can't get out of your mind.  Maybe it's time to act.