crazy few days...

I have been asking for your prayers over the last couple of days, and wanted to give an update.  Monday evening I started feeling bad, luckily it happened after 24 so I was alert enough to watch it.  Priorities people. I went to bed thinking I was just tired and woke up at 5am running a fever of 101.  I am a low temp person, where normal for me is around 96 - 97.  So even 101 is really high for me.  I took some meds and put in a call to my doctor.  Enter intense headache, dizziness, nausea and zero appetite.  Scheduled an appointment to see my doc Tuesday afternoon.  Took my temp at 10:30 am -- 102.0.  Took it again at 12:00pm -- 103.5.  Yikes.  Called the doctor again and she told me to go straight to the emergency room, so hubby rushed home to take me.

Luckily the pain killers worked that time and by the time we got to the ER my fever had broken and I was a sweaty mess.  Just lovely.  Vitals all looked good so we headed over to see my doctor instead of waiting to see an ER doc. My dr confirmed the infection, put me on antibiotics and told me to closely monitor the fever and if it got up to 102.5 again to head straight to the ER.

So we headed home, and I was able to get some rest.  Until around 10pm when the fever started climbing again.  100.5, 101.7, 102.2, 102.8...Back to ER. They gave me an IV, and ran a billion tests to rule out any thing else.  Luckily everything came back negative, confirming the infection as the only cause.  (If you are a woman you know what I'm talking about...if you're a man, ask your wife). The good thing is that I'm not sick with anything that can be passed to my baby girl, so I can continue feeding her and don't have to worry about her getting sick.

I'm on two different antibiotics now, and popping the tylenol like crazy to keep the fever under control.  Hopefully in a day or so the meds will start helping and I'll begin feeling better.  I go in Thursday to run some more tests to check for a couple other issues, so please pray those come back negative as well.

Thank you for your prayers as we have dealt with all of this!! Mommy is a full time job and I don't get to call in sick.  I need strength to take care of my precious kiddo, so please pray for my strength and rest.  Pray for rest for hubby since he's been doing so much to help me (he was up for 24 straight yesterday...poor guy!) Pray for quick healing.