Nope, not the tv show. (However, it is pretty awesome too) One of the most rewarding and most challenging parts of my ministry is the fact that I am a pastor's wife.  At times it can be so fulfilling and an absolute blast.  Other times it can be frustrating, challenging and just downright difficult. Being in this role, you take the good with the bad.  Not everyone always agrees with what your husband is doing, and that can be very difficult for a wife to be faced with.  Only having been a pastor's wife for 2 years, I have learned so much in my short time but I think it's the most important thing. Community.

A community of  women who understand and know how to support and encourage you.  Whether that be one person, or 10 people - it's vital.  In ministry leadership we take on a lot of responsibility for our people.  We pray for them, listen to them and are there for them.  But if we have no one to turn to, it can literally break you.

I am blessed with that community of women.  I have women in my life who I can turn to in any circumstance for prayer and support.  That I can vent to and rejoice with.  I am so thankful for a ministry called Leading & Loving It, which is a group of pastor's wives that are a support system.  I had the honor of sitting and having coffee with Lori Wilhite last week while she was in town for Catalyst.  I love being able to pick the brain of someone who has been at this longer than me and be encouraged by their passion for ministry. On Friday at Catalyst we had a lunch for PW's and had the honor of hearing from Kay Warren.  If you are a PW, I recommend going to see this video...she's awesome!

I came away from Catalyst completely encouraged thanks to the pastor's wives I was able to connect with.  Thank you Lori for taking the time to sit with me, what a blessing you are! Thank you to the sweet women who I met and blessed my life. I am excited to strive on in ministry next to my husband, what a wonderful job I have!!