2 weeks old!

Happy 2 Weeks to our Jessi Kaye! This second week has been a rough one. Mommy has dealt with lots of adjusting & sickness issues, but our sweet girl has been a trooper. Oh...and by trooper I mean she doesn't know how to sleep.  We are pretty sure she is going to be our stubborn, strong willed, overachiever.  She catches on to things so quickly.  She was already trying to hold her head up at day one and is getting better and better at it.  She is extremely alert, so we missed out on that whole "newborns sleep a lot" stage.  She's wide-eyed and wants to see the world.

And she gets the hiccups A LOT.  That's just real cute.

It's been a tough week for me trying to figure all this out, but hopefully I'll be back soon to regular blogging, tweeting & so on.  And maybe I'll take a shower in the next week too. I'm sure the hubby would appreciate that.

Daddy's Little Girl