top 10 things to not say to a pregnant woman

10. You look like you're ready to pop! Then you better stand back in case I pop next to you!

9. Are you sure you should be eating that? I'll eat what I want! And I'll like it!

8. How do you feel?? about I punch you in the face and you tell me how you feel?

7. Are you EVER going to have that kid? I will have this kid when I'm good & ready!!!

6. Any day now huh? So tempting to say "Nope...due in 2 months"

5. I know how you feel, I had kidney stones once. Then proceed to kick the man and walk away.

4. You look SO tired. Yes, thank you. I am tired. I'm growing a life inside of me.

3. You have that "past due" look on your face. So I look that bad huh?

2.'s MY labor story... As if anyone has EVER had it worse than me!

1. Wow. You have NO idea.