joining an elite group

Today I join an elite group of women.  Strong women. Super women. I am 10 days past my due date.

There are only so many women who have made it this far and understand the agony, pain and discomfort I feel today.  There's something about reaching your due date, and passing your due date when it all gets harder.  The hormones kick into overdrive. Everything continues to grow and stretch.

And you are stilllllllll waiting for your baby to arrive.

So to all you women who made it 10+ days, I salute you.  You are strong and can make it through anything.  A word of encouragement to my mommy-to-be friends, keep your head up.  If it happens early, be thankful.  If not, just know that God is in control and knows you are a super woman and can take it.

Only three more days until we give up on labor and they go in and get her!!!!!!!