and we wait I am. March 16th.  40 weeks and 4 days. Oh! Did I mention I'm still pregnant? Yup. I'm pretty sure I got a brand new dose of intense hormones when I reached my due date, and a brand new batch of exhaustion.  I try to sleep, but it doesn't happen very well.  So I'm just waiting.  Trying to be patient and know that this kid will arrive in God's time.  I have a whole bunch of family here waiting on the arrival of their grandchild/niece.  I wish I could do more to get her to come, but I just wait.

Today we go to the doctor to check up on the kid and hopefully make some decisions.  Please pray for guidance for us as we are possibly faced with the decision of induction vs. c-section.  Please pray for my body that it will allow me to deliver this baby naturally and it will happen soon on it's own.  Please pray for my sanity and those that are having to live with me right now.

I'll update soon on what we are going to do and hopefully we'll know when she will arrive!!