learning from the wusses

A couple months ago, I blogged about an adventure that the hubs and I were taking.  We started reading through the Gospels and just finished up this weekend.  It was so great to do this together! After traveling to Israel last summer, we both wanted to read through the life of Christ again.  It seemed completely different this time around.  It is so much more real because we've been there! Can't beat that! What I learned:

Jesus was a tough guy. He told it like it was, and lived it. I love that.  He got out there, and hung out with the lowest of the low and wasn't afraid to step on toes.  He was honest and real.  So many times as Christians we are so "careful" and avoid all things that we deem not "good enough".  But Jesus would have been right in the middle of it it.  Yup...I wanna be more like that guy.

His disciples were total wusses. It's true! They were exactly like us.  They were scared little girls half of the time, and Jesus had to slap them around constantly.  Even as the chosen ones to work right along side the Savior of the world, they were surprisingly just normal dudes and totally not up to par half of the time.  How much of an example is that to us? We are wusses, but we are chosen by Christ to be his disciples.  Thank goodness we don't have to be perfect to be His!

As I took a look back on the life of Christ, I realize how much I have to learn.  I need to read these book about 500 more times and I'll still never have a grasp on who Jesus was and all He came here to do.  All I need to know is that He came to die for my sins.  And that's stinkin cool.