a nursery fit for a rockstar

I've had some people asking to see pictures of Baby Girl's Nursery, so I thought I would post some.  We aren't completely done with it yet, but close.  On the pink & black striped wall behind her crib, we're going to do her name but since it's a secret that can't go up yet!! I'm also planning to hang an electric guitar on the wall between the crib and changing table but haven't found the perfect one yet. Living in SoCal, we have a pretty small home and the nursery is really tiny. So we had to make do with the space we had.  I think we did a pretty good job of making things fit, and hopefully someday we'll have a much bigger room for her to grow with!

Here it is...the nursery for our little Rockstar!!

I can't wait to have our little girl here in just a couple weeks!!!