hang tight baby girl

I am VERY pregnant.  I want nothing more than to be un-pregnant. However, this could possibly be the worst week for Baby Girl to make her entrance. Today the hubby is getting his wisdom teeth yanked out.

My doctor is on vacation all week. Ouch.

It's the first week of my maternity leave, and I selfishly want some more time to myself.

Still don't know how to put the car seat in. Yikes.

And that's just a few of the major things.  So baby girl, get cozy. None of this coming a week or two late, but none of this coming 3 weeks early either.  Give mommy two more weeks and then you can come a week early! She has started to drop quite a bit and the contractions continue to prepare my body.  All is very exciting, but we don't need a baby this week.