road to integrity?

Integrity comes from the Greek words 'integritas' and 'integra' meaning whole. It's a belief system without faltering no matter how dangerous, how unpopular the person makes themselves to others. It includes things such as: sincerity, keeping one's word, honesty, truthfulness, ethics, fairness and justice, punctuality and never faltering for what you believe in. says that integrity means "adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty."

How often do Christians not live in a state of integrity?

We assume that because we're Christians, people will let things "slide" in a business sense.  We assume that people know we're Christians, so we can get away with being unfair. We play our "God Card" and think that will automatically get us in the clear.  Integrity is a foundation that we build on, we can't just keep assuming. We all know what assuming does :)

As Christians, we should set the standard, not fall under the world's standard. I believe that living a life of integrity is one of the greatest ways we can set ourselves apart and stand out in a positive way. Integrity is something that I always strive for, but not sure I always uphold.  It's the times when I find myself forsaking what I believe in just for the sake of not wanting to stand out. I should want to stand out!

I encourage you live a life of integrity. Of honesty. Above reproach.  Different.