the sleeping stops

I'm a good sleeper.  Ok... a GREAT sleeper.  I have slept through my neighbor's house catching on fire and firetrucks. I've slept through MANY thunderstorms (in Oklahoma of course, California doesn't know what those things are). My dog can jump all over me and nothing. I'm out. My hubby enjoys this because a lot of the time I will chat with him and never realize it happened. I had worried a bit that I wouldn't hear my babies cry in the middle of the night, and would be a bad mother because I'm such a hard sleeper. Everyone tells me my sleeping habits will quickly change once I'm a mommy, and I do hope this is the case.

However, this child is already preparing me.  As I lay here awake at 3am because it's "playtime", I can't help but cherish these moments.  Yes, I will be tired all day and a little annoyed that I didn't get my 8 hours straight. But, these last few weeks I get to rest. Yes, I'm very uncomfortable, finding it hard to sleep and our little kickboxer is the most active baby of all time.  Yes, I hate being pregnant and can't wait to be done.  BUT...this is the last few weeks of me. Just me. I have no little ones crying, having bad dreams or needing mommy in the middle of the night yet.  I just lay here and feel her roll and kick. What a blessing that is.

Keep kicking baby girl.  Mommy will sleep when you're all grown up.