becoming a 1950?s housewife?

Moms are supposed to be able to cook right? Ok...well my mom didn't cook. But my dad did. I never thought less of my mom for it though, and maybe it's because my dad is such a great cook. :) Unfortunately, I take after my mom quite a bit in the cooking department.  There are a few things I can make really well: biscuits and gravy, hamburgers, homemade waffles, mac & cheese and my hubby's all time favorite - chocolate chip cookies. That's not a very impressive resume in the kitchen. As I become a mom, I want to take the time to learn and cook more.  I know it will be several years before the little munchkin is eating what I'm cooking, so that gives me some time to practice.  For now I want to focus on some dishes that will be simple while having a newborn to care for and still delish for hubby and I to eat after a long day.

I'm looking for some great recipes in the following areas. Please leave a comment with your recipes or feel free to e-mail them over to me at

Easy Crock Pot Meals

Freezable Casseroles

Quick On-The-Go Dinners

Fun Favorites for the Kids

After I go on maternity leave next week and have a few weeks before baby comes, I'm going to try my hand at some new things and freeze some stuff that will be easy for us to eat in the first few weeks of Baby Girl blessing us with her presence.

Maybe I will become a cute little 1950's housewife afterall.  Doubtful, but there's always a chance.

Thanks for your help!! Can't wait to try out some new things!