overwhelmingly blessed

Before getting pregnant with our little "oops" baby, I didn't think much about all that goes into building a little life and how amazingly detailed and out of our hands it is.  I was in my little bubble of thinking I wanted to be a mom, and have lots of babies and pregnancy would be perfect and wonderful.  It never crossed my mind that some women can't get pregnant. I never thought about all the women out there who have carried babies, and lost them.  And I had no idea how much you fall in love with a tiny little life when it can barely be seen with a microscope.  The second that pregnancy test says "pregnant" or shows a plus sign, you are forever changed.

From the beginning, I promised myself I would never let the fear overtake me, knowing that God is completely in control.  If he wanted me to have this baby, I knew I would.  He gives and He takes away. I just prayed that I would be the best mother I could be and the best influence on this little life, even if anything were to happen.

We have had no scares in this pregnancy.  We are immensely blessed.  Yesterday at our check up, the doctor said we have a "textbook baby" and she is absolutely perfect. I pray that she continues to grow for another 6 weeks, and is perfectly healthy.  And I pray that this continues to help me see how blessed we are, and do all I can to pray and love on those who have not had the easy ride we have.

My heart breaks now every time I hear of a sweet mother who has lost or miscarried a baby. If you have been on the joyous side of motherhood, or hit absolute rock bottom - know that God is in control.  He is the maker of all things, and the ultimate comforter.  For all you moms and soon to be moms, I am praying for you today and my heart is full for the blessings that God gives through the gift of children.