packing for the hospital

I'm working to start getting things ready to pack for the hospital.  Yup, I'm a planner and this must be done soon as to not stress me out! I go on maternity leave in  a couple of weeks (at 36 weeks), and want to pretty much have everything ready to welcome baby into the world by then so this tired mommy can rest and relax for a few weeks.  That's the goal at least. So I have starting thinking about what I'll need to pack to take with me to the hosptial and thought I'd ask advice.

What are some "must haves" to take?

What should I get to wear post-baby? I've been told a robe & pjs, but what is best and will be most comfy for me?

Anything I should prepare for that they might not tell me?

I don't want to pack up our entire house as if we're taking a 3 week trip, but I do want to be fully prepared.  I always appreciate the help! :)