The hubs and I got away this weekend to enjoy a little time together before the baby comes.  It was a brilliant idea, and we had a great time shutting off from the world and just enjoying one another. Since our 2 year anniversary will be when I'm about 38 weeks/miserably uncomfortable/ready to pop this was also to celebrate our anniversary. Friday I took off from work a little early and we headed south down the coast.  We stayed in place right outside of Carlsbad, CA. We spend the evening roaming around, had dinner at a really cool little pizza place and just enjoyed some time together. Saturday we hit the outlet malls...which of course was my choice :)

Saturday evening we headed home to stay the night so we could get up super early and do the church thing on Sunday. Right after church we headed to the desert.  We stayed in a really great resort in Indian Wells, CA (Palm Springs/Palm Desert area).  The drive through the desert was gorgeous and there are tons of resorts in the area so it's super nice.  We checked in and took advantage of the pool.  They had a slide so Brook fought off the kids so he could play. Shocking huh? ;)

Pizza in bed, 2 hours of Jack Bauer, homemade cookies, and a very relaxing evening in! What a wonderful weekend we had. I'm so thankful for the time that we had to spend together and enjoy the little bit of time we have as just the two of us!!

Brook James...I love you more than you know baby!