much needed 'us time'

My husband and I are victims of overworking ourselves, being too busy and having no time for 'us'. It's really heartbreaking.  We went through a time in our lives where we were both without jobs for several months.  Although it got a little stressful at times, it was the best time in my life.  We spent all of our time together, we slept in, we enjoyed one another and we focused on US. Looking back on that time, I couldn't be more thankful for it. Now we both work very busy full time jobs, and we see each other for a few hours a night after work and don't have much time to really focus on our marriage and each other.  Heartbreaking I tell ya!

So this weekend we are doing just that.  We are taking some time for US. We are getting away, we have no plans (well...we kinda have plans, you know I can't be THAT spontaneous!). I like to call it a babymoon, but it's really an us-moon. I love my husband more than anything in this world, and pouring into our relationship is my number one priority.  Even through all the business of life, it should always be.

I encourage you to take some time with your spouse and turn off from the world, and focus on one another!