adventure with hubby!

The hubby & I are embarking on a new adventure together.  It's been a while since we dusted off the bibles and got those out.  But we're still not going to.  I mean come on...who actually reads their BIBLE these days?? We are beginning one of the new Reading Plans offered by You Version.  :) (Tricked ya!) We are going to start off with reading through the Gospels before Baby Girl arrives.  We figure her entrance into our lives will throw off all routine for a while, so it was best to do a shorter plan now & then after we're a little settled in with her, we'll dive into a longer more intense plan.  (Hopefully reading through the entire bible!)

After our trip to Israel last summer, I have a totally new perspective of the New Testament and especially the Gospels.  I've been there, seen it and walked where Jesus did.  I can't help but look at these books in a whole new light & I'm excited to dig into them again and hopefully learn new things I never knew about the life of our Savior!

I'm super excited to do this with hubby, and for us to grow together. There's just not much better than that.