a year in review – 2009

What an amazing year we had!!

Here are a few highlights: *Started a new job at House of Blues in Anaheim *Brook went on staff at Kingsfield *Celebrated our 1 year anniversary...a trip we'll never forget *Started training to run a half marathon *Lost 15 pounds *Held my niece & loved on her. What a sweet girl! *Took an amazing trip to Israel *Stopped training for marathon...because... *WE'RE PREGNANT!!! *Threw up for 6 months straight. Best 6 months of my life. *Found out we're having a GIRL! *My life began to drastically change as it centered around growing & preparing for this child! Can't wait to see her face in 2010!!

It's interesting to look back at what I had hoped to do in 2009. A lot of what I wanted to do couldn't be done because we got pregnant, but I would trade it for the world!! I did lose 15 pounds before I got pregnant, but didn't run the half marathon, learn to snowboard or get a tan.  I guess there's always next year!

A few things I'm looking forward to this year: *Getting this baby out of me!!!!!! *Seeing my baby girl's face for the first time *Learning how to be the best mom I can be *Losing weight!!!!!! *Our first trip to Alaska for family vacation *Growing closer to my husband through the birth of our first child *Morning sickness to be GONE!

Here's to an amazing year that will be life changing!!!