a different kind of christmas

The Holidays have been a little different for us the last couple of years since moving 1500 miles from our families. Last year we spent Thanksgiving alone and had steak. Talk about a quiet Holiday. We were lucky enough to be able to go to OK this year for Thanksgiving, but working for a church...Christmas is never a good time for us to get away.  My parents will taking the trip out to Cali again this year for Christmas, and B's parents will be here the week after Christmas.  I'm so thankful for parents who care enough to make the trip out to spend Christmas with us! Although I'm sure this Christmas will be consumed with planning for Baby Girl & setting up her nursery...I'm fine with that! I am looking forward to next year and all it will bring with a little one crawling around trying to pull down the Christmas tree and being more excited about the boxes her gifts come in than her actual gifts.

The mother-in-law blogged about Christmas Traditions and wanting to start some new ones with a new generation coming. I agree!  I loved Christmas as a kid (and still do!) and always looked forward to the fun traditions with my family. I want Christmas to be a wonderful time for our kids, and start some traditions that we can pass on to our kiddos.

What are some traditions that you and your family do?

What are some things your grandparents did/do for you, or you do for your grandkids?