water for me, please!

Went to the doctor yesterday to check up on the baby girl. Everything is great with her!! She's kicking away, growing and doing all the little baby things she's supposed to be doing. So, really I have NOTHING to complain about.   But I left VERY discouraged. I'm in my 28th week and still sick. Sunday I couldn't keep anything down.  I've got miserable back pain.

Pregnancy just SUCKS for me for lack of a better word.

To top it all off, I stepped on the scale at my appointment and about had a heart attack.  I've gained HOW MUCH WEIGHT?!!?!? Apparently, to go along with all the other wonderful things happening to me during this pregnancy, I'm now retaining water. FUN! Luckily, my blood pressure is perfect so no real worries.  More just a really freaked out mommy-to-be.

So for the next two weeks I'm putting myself on a strict water only diet (for what I drink, of course I will still be eating food). Ok...maybe the occasional chocolate milk, afterall I AM PREGNANT! I will be trying to cut a lot of sodium out of my diet.  The only problem is, I'm no nutritionist and I have no idea what has a lot of sodium in it.  What are some good low sodium type things I can eat?

No Starbucks. No fast food. No hot pockets.

Ouch. I need to step up the exercise and push through all the pain. All for this tiny little girl. Because I know she's worth it. More than worth it.