Okie Recap

We're back in the OC, and we had a wonderful time in Oklahoma!!! Before we left I made a list of places I was craving that only Oklahoma has. I did a pretty good job!

Recap of food eaten:

Rodney's Pizza Raising Cane's McAlister's Hideaway Teds Braums Earl's BBQ

This doesn't include Thanksgiving Dinner(s).  I'm a little nervous to weigh in at my next doctor's appointment.  Could be ugly...but well worth it! YUM.

We had a wonderful day with my family on Friday and getting to spend the day with our niece Taelyn.  She was only a few weeks old last time we saw her and now she's six months! She's pretty cute!

Uncle Brook & Aunt KK

Sunday night was our baby shower and we had a great time!!!! These girls had the right idea and served a real meal...hello bbq! What pregnant woman wants to eat crackers and tiny desserts for a baby shower? No thank you...I'm not working on fitting in a wedding gown at the end of this.  I think those hospital gowns are huge and I'll fit just fine :)

  Preggo Friends                                Aunt Cayce

Big & Little...The greatest friends ever!!

Last pic of us before babies!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a great trip, and a blast to spend time with family & friends in the great state of Oklahoma.  I'm happy to be home with my puppy and back to the norm, but vacation is always great!!

Hello December! 3 months until we meet our daughter!!