Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!

Today we are off to Okie-homa to spend Thanksgiving with the family (minus the in-laws and reagan. bummer!)  This is my first trip to Oklahoma as a pregnant woman. I have been craving things that you can only get there. So here is a list of stops we must make while there.

Braums: cookies and cream shake

Chicken Express: chicken, okra & sweet tea

Raisin' Cains: chicken, Texas toast, yummy sauce & sweet tea

Steve's Rib: gooooood okie BBQ & sweet tea

McAlisters: sweet tea

Hideaway: Little Kahuna Pizza

Rodney's Pizza: pepperoni pizza

Janets: Baked Potato Soup

Teds: about 20 tortillas & queso.

Now I'm hungry! Can't wait to be there!! And interested to see if I can actually fit all of this yummy food into 5 days with Thanksgiving dinner.  Stay tuned my friends.