"me" time

I'm a very social, extroverted person.  But I like to be alone. I need "me" time every once and a while to be alone and just be. To pamper myself.   To spend time with Jesus. To pray. To watch Grey's Anatomy or whatever girly movie just came to Redbox (that seems very opposite ends of the spectrum...well i'm random like that).

I haven't gotten to the point of putting cucumbers on my eyes, but maybe one of these days.

I looooooooooooooove spending time with my hubby more than anything in the world, but I also need my me time. He's been playing basketball with some friends on Tuesday nights for the last year, which has opened the door for a night at home alone.  I almost always beg hubby to not go, and I still miss him a ton when he's gone.  But I still love my time.

I'm getting even more thankful for this time as I prepare for my Baby Girl to come in a few short months.  "Me" time will happen very rarely.

What do you do for your "me time"? Especially if you're a busy mom, how do you make time for just YOU?