i worship alone: part two

Another "downfall" of being a pastor's wife is Sunday Mornings. Yeah, that's when we go to church. But church for pastor's wives is different. We don't get up on Sunday Mornings as a family and make breakfast and watch cartoons with the kids in our pjs. My hubby rolls out of bed around 4am or something insane to get to the church. It's a work day for him. Which leaves me at home alone on Sunday's. Lately, since our church went portable, I've been getting up and going with him to help with set up (because im that nutty supportive wife). However, in a few months I will be home getting a baby ready all by myself. I love to hear people talk about their Sunday mornings as a family. Coffee and donuts. Homemade pancakes. Cartoons in pjs. Getting ready and going to church as a family.

My children will never know this. Sundays will likely be a morning of craziness with mom.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

Because we are changing lives. It's what we do. I'm so proud of my husband and happy to support him. Even if that means no Sunday morning routines as a family. I'm proud that my kids will see my husband dedicating his life to serve the Lord and lead others to Him.  What a great example he will set for them!! (Plus, they'll LOVE getting to watch dad on stage!)

Pastor's Wives - What does your Sunday routine look like with the kids or just you and hubby?

Church Attenders - What does your Sunday routine look like?? I encourage you to make it a fun family day if you aren't already!