i worship alone: part one

Hi, I'm a pastor's wife.  A downfall of being a pastor's wife...I sit alone.  Well, I worship alone. One of my favorite things is standing next to my hubby in worship. Mostly because he has an amazing voice and I like listening to him sing.  But my hubby is a Worship Pastor. I can't tell you how many times people look at the poor girl sitting by herself and give me that "you poor thing look".  Especially when they see the wedding ring.  Then they really feel sorry for me because they think I have a dead beat husband who is at home watching football instead of being at church with his wife. And add in the pregnant belly...it's even more entertaining for me!

A pastor's wife that I follow, recently wrote a blog about this topic.  She says that she sits on the front row b/c that is where she is most supportive of her husband.  This is not the case for me though.  Honestly, I think my hubs is way to sexy and if I sit that close, I'm more engaged in him during Worship than my #1 love.

Because, my hubby is my #2 and always will be. 

I hide in the back, in the dark.  Another reason I do this, is for my husband's sake.  He gets distracted very easily.  I fear that if I'm right in front of him I will be a distraction to him when his purpose is to lead people to the feet of Christ...not to check out his wife on the front row.  That's just why I do it.

Pastor's wives: what is your preference on where you sit if your hubby is an "on stage guy"?

Church Attenders: what is your honest view of pastor's wives and how we should encourage our husbands? Seriously...I'm curious!