thank you California.

Welp it's officially been a year. We love this state. LOVE IT.

Can't beat the beautiful weather, the beaches, the yummy frozen yogurt on every corner.  Our dog, Jack Bauer James, loves it too. His allergies cleared up when we arrived in CA.

After Brook and I got married we fell into the statistic of people who gain weight after marriage.  Yikes.  When I look back at pictures of us from when we left Texas, I cringe just a bit.  But once we arrived, we decided to jump into the healthy California lifestyle.  Brook dropped around 35 pounds, and I lost 15! Of course then I got pregnant and have gained all that back! 

    FAT  (Nov. '08)                          SKINNY (June '09)

So thank you California for helping us get healthy again. My husband is SEXY!!!!!!