crazy preggo dreams!

I've always had crazy dreams. But then I got pregnant, and my hormones made my dreaming even more out of control.  I've started having dreams about the baby a lot.  The most common, reoccurring dream I've had is that the baby is born and can talk.  It seems to be a pretty normal thing in my dream and no one seems concerned by the fact that I have a newborn genius.  I guess people expect that from me & my husband. Right. In a recent dream, not only did my sweet little girl talk...but she had the entire bible memorized by the time she was born.  Yikes.  It's pretty sad when a 2 day old baby is smarter than you. In my dream we were at my parents house and our baby corrected something her Mimi said by reciting Numbers 1:7.   I thought wow this must be a sign from God or something and this verse must mean something really great! So we went and looked it up.

Numbers 1:7 Of Judah: Nahshon the son of Amminadab.

Yup that's it.  Be impressed, it's very deep. I guess I better not put my bible (aka iPhone...YouVersion) next to my belly when I'm reading just in case she's studying up.  Can't have my infant be smarter than me.

What crazy dreams did you or your wife have during pregnancy?