using your gifts

God has given each of us unique gifts. Sometimes I worry that I'm not using mine to the best of my ability. Do I sink into what is "easy" for me, and not step up and use what He's given me? The great thing is, He gives everyone different types of gifts to use in different ways.  Thankfully we don't all have the gift of teaching ( least I don't!). Thankfully we don't all have the gift of serving or prophecy.  I think it would get a little crazy if we did! gift I've been thinking about how my life is about to drastically change and how my role is about to change. I'm praying that God will continue to use my strengths He's given me and open doors for me to use those gifts. As well as being a great mom and focusing on my family. Not always an easy task in our busy world, but I figure it's what HE has called me to do and put in me and it would be a waste to ignore that!!

My top 3 Spiritual Gifts: Mercy, Serving & Administration

I encourage you to pray about what your gift are and seek God on how you can use them. Or you can go here and take a quick test to figure out what they are!

I'd love to hear your feedback.

  • What are your spiritual gifts, and what are some ways you are currently use them or would like to use them better?
  • If you're a busy mom/pastor's wife, how do you find ways to still use the gifts God has given you and focus on your family?