thankful for hormones.

Pregnancy sucks. Can I get an AMEN? least it's been bad for me. BUT thankfully, the Lord knew how tough it was going to be and gave me wonderful friends to suffer with :)

MEET TODD & WENDY: Todd & Wendy

Two of our very best friends in the entire world. They are just one week behind us, and actually have their c-section scheduled on our due date! Our babies could come on the same day. How fun would that be?? And Wendy...if your baby boy arrives before our baby girl, I'll be very very angry. For the sake of our friendship...they better come at the same time or ME FIRST!! ;)

MEET JOSH & JENNY:  jenny & josh

Jenny is practically a sister to Brook. They were raised together and their families are BFF. Thankfully upon marrying into Brook's crazy (yet wonderful!) family I got some amazing sisters/friends. Jenny is one of those and I love her so very much! They are due on May 18th!! I can't wait for our babies to grow up together as we drag them on our adventures all over the place!

The bummer part is that these amazing friends live about 1500 miles away from us. Sad day. However, I'm so thankful to have them. Nothing beats another woman with hormones as insane as yours to help you through.

And I'm so thankful for one amazing woman who understands. I had a loooong, hard weekend and my dear friend Andrea packed up a yummy meal and delivered it to us last night. The last thing I feel like doing is dragging my preggo, tired body into the kitchen to cook. It was amazing to have a wonderful home cooked meal. With our families so far away, I'm thankful for our church family who is willing to help out in a time of need. (Andrea...I think it's about time for you to have another little friend for our Baby Girl!)

Thank you Lord for giving me these people! We all know I couldn't do this thing alone. I'm sure my husband would like a vacation from the craziness that is my pregnant-self!

Bring on the babies!