3 looooooooooong years

I love diet coke. A LOT. 3 years ago today I gave it up.


diet coke

That was not an easy task for me. I drank a lot of diet coke in college.  I mean...A LOT. If you are familiar with "The Barn", I frequented this place. Many times a few times a day. Me & my girlfriends kept this place in business. I got a text from my friend Tara yesterday saying she was at The Barn getting a diet coke. Made me a little jealous and realize how long it's been since I've had that deliciousness touch my lips. (Tara, I partially blame you for my addiction too!!)

roommatesMy college roommates. Notice I have TWO barn cups in my hand. Yeah, that bad.

I can't believe I've made it this long! If you know how bad my obsession was, you'd understand how big of a feat this is!

Have you ever given up something you were overly addicted to? How long did it last? Or is there something you SHOULD give up??