happy halloween!!

Hubby & I decided to enjoy a nice relaxing last Halloween before our little one enters the world. We have many years ahead of us of costumes and way too much candy! Luckily it's Saturday evening and we are curled up on the couch enjoying some college football! I always loved Halloween as a kid! I wanted to share a few too cute pics of me and the hubby as kiddos.

Halloween 1984My first Halloween, as a clown!

Halloween 1987Me & my brother with "Winston", we made him every year! Halloween 1990A cheerleader & a nerd. Oh-so-fitting. Brook HalloweenMy cute hubby as Raggedy Andy...or a clown?

Brook Superman!Brook as Superman/Mighty Mouse. No, this wasn't actually Halloween, a daily thing for him but too cute to not share!

I'm really excited to dress up our little girl next year and get candy!! She won't be old enough to be able to eat the candy so mommy & daddy will get to eat it all!! WOOOOO!!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

What was your favorite costume you ever wore as a kid?