enough love?

Our parents always told us that when we had kids of our own we'd understand why they love us so much and why they do the things they do for us. Hey mom & dad...I'm starting to get it.

After marrying who I believe to be the greatest man on the planet, I wasn't sure I'd have enough love inside of me to love anything else. 

It's amazing how God creates babies, and grows our love for them over time. I've never seen her little face. I've never held her hand, or touched her. I am patiently (some days not-so-patiently) waiting until the day I get to see her face to face!

How much is that like our relationship with God? We haven't seen him, or touched him. Yet we talk to him everyday and look so forward to the day we see his face.

As much as I'm not a fan of pregnancy...I'm a fan of this love. I am growing more in love with my baby girl everyday, and more in love with a perfect God who created her and is shaping her everyday inside of me.

Wow. I guess I do have enough love.