rock & a hard place

We have lived in our Condo in Huntington Beach for 10 months. When we moved in, it was fully furnished, but they were supposed to get their things out in a few weeks. Well...a few weeks turned into a few months. A few months turned into a lot of months.  Yesterday, they finally finished moving out. We finally have the entire place to ourselves, but now we have to decide what to do. Do we move out in December to find a bigger place, but possibly farther from the beach? Do we stay for another year?


-We love where we live!!! -We live 3 blocks from the beach/downtown HB. -It's a really nice place for the price. -I feel safe there, and would feel safe with Baby Girl & I being alone there when Daddy is at work.


-No bathtub, only a huge shower. Could we get a little tub for Baby Girl? She would be about 9 months when we would move next Decemeber. -It's a long way to take Jack out. -Not much room for when guests come to visit. -I have to pack...when I'm 6 months preggo. Yikes.

I guess a lot comes down to what we find for a good price. Lots to think about. Thanks for listening :)