halfway there!!

Well...it's offical. We made if halfway!  20 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Girl is the size of a banana.  I still don't really get the "fruit comparisons", but whatever.


She is about 10 1/2 ounces and about 10 inches long. Wow...seems huge, but yet so tiny! When we got a glimpse of Baby Girl the other day in our ultrasound, she was wiggling around, opening her mouth, waving her arms. An active little girl we have!! And she is really enjoying kicking mommy now that's she's figured that out!

The first half really flew by. Everyone tells me the second half goes really fast, so before I know it I'll have little Baby Girl in my arms. Wow! I can't wait! Only 140 days to go!!

I feel like I should throw myself a party today or something!!!! Maybe I will :)