things they don't tell you

What a first time mom expects pregnancy to be:

  • Lots of Ice Cream
  • A super cute belly
  • Bubbles in the park?!?

Not likely...So wrong...

Things they don't warn you about before getting pregnant:

  • Puking day & night
  • Back Pain
  • You'll not even recognize your body anymore
  • All of your clothes get too small. I mean ALL of them
  • The ability to lose your energy walking across the room  
  • The gross stuff I can't even begin to mention on my blog
  • Back Pain
  • Forget sleeping normal
  • Bladder! Why do you always feel full!?!
  • Back Pain!
  • WHOA HORMONES! Where did my normal brain go?
  • The tears will come at any moment of any day
  • Loss of your perfect skin
  • Something else taking over your body
  • BACK PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Much more like it...So right...

Wait...did I mention....More joy than you can imagine?!?! It cancels out all the bad to know a wonderful, precious little baby girl is growing and having a ball inside of me!!!

Tomorrow I reach that joyous halfway point. The first half has been...interesting and I expect the second half to be full of even more surprises and pains I didn't know I had in me. Here we go baby girl...20 more weeks until we see your face!