cast your bet…pink or blue?!?!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Nope...not having the baby yet...unfortunately. We are finding out boy or girl!!!! I've been looking forward to this day since we got that positive pregnancy test. Beware sweet husband of mine...I'm going to get even more nuts after I know! :)

boy or girl?

Time for you to cast your bets for team pink or team blue! A lot of people say different things play into if it's a boy or a girl so I'll walk you through my cravings, symptoms, etc and you tell me what you think!!

CRAVINGS Chocolate Milk #1 craving Hot Pockets Cheetos Anything crunchy Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwiches

SYMPTOMS Morning Sickness Morning Sickness Morning Sickness (19.5 weeks & I'm still sick....)

ETC. I'm still pretty small I've felt like it was a girl the whole time I have dreams about a baby boy

Ok! Leave your comment and whether you think it's a boy or girl!! Tomorrow we'll announce it for REAL!!!