starting over!

Well we did it!! We launched Kingsfield in the theaters! This weekend went GREAT. I wasn't so sure after getting up at 3:45 am to go set up if it was really worth it, but it totally was.  I was exciting to see our volunteers there early and so excited about all God is doing. We are so thankful to have some really great people on board and willing to help us set up and tear down.

I have the honor and huge responsibility of leading our volunteers. We officially launched our "Host Team" this weekend. It's exciting to be a part of this and lead our amazing volunteers! Yes, it's a lot of work but again, totally worth it.

By 12:30 when we left, I could hardly walk  I was so tired and sore. Oh yeah...and I'm 4 months pregnant and this baby must be sitting on a nerve or something.  Not really helping with set up and tear down (don't worry grandparents, I didn't lift anything heavy!). Please be praying for my body as I work a full time job, lead our volunteers in my free time, find time to hang with the hubby and grow a child! It's a lot of work I tell ya!

Here's a couple pics! I left my camera in my car and forgot to take very many on my iPhone...oops!

Welcome to Kingsfield

Brook leading worship

Thank you for your prayers as we move into this new phase as a church! And a HUGE thank you to all the amazing volunteers who made it happen!!!!!!!