a real life jim & pam

I must admit it. I'm OBSESSED with Jim & Pam. 


They are one of my all time favorite "fictional" couples.  Fictional? Ha. More like real. I love them for so many reasons. They are hilarious. They have a blast together. And most importantly...they remind me of MY real life relationship.

Brook and I got hooked on The Office together about two and a half years ago. We were just 'friends' (a term I use loosely for us at the time...), and worked together in the same office.  We were the Jim & Pam of our office. They were just friends, we were just friends. But deep down there was sooooooo much more...and everyone knew it but us! It was one night while watching The Office and hanging out that my now hubby laid that first kiss on me, just as Jim did to Pam one random night after work!

Brook & I went on to get engaged. So did Jim & Pam. (It's hard to tell which one I was more excited about...)

Brook & I went on to get married.  Well...Jim & Pam are still working on that part.

Brook & I are having a baby. SO ARE JIM & PAM!!!!!!!

I was so excited at the end of last season when we found out they were having a baby.  Yes, I wish they had waited until after the wedding...but it's tv. Yeah, you would have thought my two best friends in the whole world were having a baby.

Don't tell Brook, but this is the real reason I wanted to have a baby. Gotta keep up with my favorite couple. And who wouldn't wanna be preggo buddies with PAM!?!?!