wrecking your marriage

Lifechurch.tv is currently doing a series called "5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life".  This week was "How to Commit Adultery" Craig did a great job of presenting this message in a creative, sarcastic and honest way.  I recommend you checking out this message whether you are married or not. I am lucky, because I have an incredible marriage.  I know we've only been married about 18 months, but we have still been incredibly blessed. I have a faithful husband.  I have never once worried about his faithfulness to me.  I've never checked his text messages, e-mails or facebook.  I don't have to.  That fear is not there.  And you know what?? IT SHOULDN'T BE.  Just because those pretty single girls at church think the worship pastor is cute, I know that his heart is only for ME.


That's a rare thing.

63% of men will have an affair by the age of 40.

55% of women will have an affair by the age of 40.

Ouch. I don't like those odds.  That's why it is so important in your marriage to set boundaries.  If you are newlyweds, or about to be married...set boundaries NOW. Brook & I don't ever ride in a car with someone of the opposite sex (we do have a few exceptions that consist of basically brothers/sisters, and always talk about it before hand).  We don't go out to eat with someone of the opposite sex without someone else present to keep us accountable.  We don't do this because we're tempted to have an affair, we mostly do it for appearances. It would simply not look well on my husband character if he was out having coffee with another woman from the church.  But if I am present, then no one questions our integrity.  And that is very important whether you are in a place of leadership or not.

Are you struggling in these areas of your marriage? Have you maybe not crossed the "line" yet, but you're sure flirting with it? And flirting a little too much with that cute guy or girl in your office? Be open and honest with your spouse and GET HELP.

Chris & Cindy Beall are an amazing couple that Brook and I look up to.  You can check out Cindy's blog at www.cindybeall.com, and all week they are doing videos here to help people that might be in a tough or sticky place in their marriage. They have a beautiful story of forgiveness and how only God can heal a broken marriage.

This is something I am very passionate about.  I know I don't have a ton of experience in the marriage department, but we're doing the best we can.  If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to e-mail me.  Go find someone to help you.

Do all that you can to strengthen an already healthy marriage, or rebuild a hurting one! God is a God of forgiveness and redemption!!!

Check out the message online this week here.