what I have to look forward to

This week has been a busy crazy one...and I've been s-i-c-k. But today my spirits were lifted a bit by my good friend Wendy.  I know her spirits were VERY down after this, but I couldn't help but get a good laugh out of it.  What Wendy woke up to this morning:

food coloring in carpetYes, that's food coloring.

food coloringWOW. New carpet anyone??

cade in food coloringBut really, how can you be mad at that face??

Wendy, you're one of the greatest moms I have the privilege of knowing and learning from.  It's a thrill to go through this pregnancy with you (we're only a week apart!!), and I can't wait for our babies to be either best friends or get married :) Keep your head up friend... You're an amazing mommy!

Oh the joys of motherhood I have to look forward to!! And I'm still excited...