birthday weekend celebrations!

We had a great weekend celebrating the hubby's birthday! How about a little recap?

Friday, August 28 (Actual Birthday) -- After I got off work we hit up some Red Robin for our favorite burgers with some friends.  Then Brook & I went to HOB for some dessert, and to see a friend who was playing there that night.  Our friend ended up not showing up until right before the show started so we didn't actually get to see him other than on stage for a few minutes.  We were (mostly I... and the belly) were exhausted so we headed home!

Saturday, August 29-- I planned a little "birthday fun surprise" for Brook, and took him Kayaking at Newport Harbor. It was a blast! We did a little kayaking in Israel, and this was a little different and much more relaxing...for me at least.  I played the "preggo card" and let him do most of the work while I just enjoyed it :) We saw lots of fish, seals/sea lions (we weren't sure which they were...).  It was fun to get out and enjoy a different part of Orange County we hadn't experienced before.  Then we cooked some steaks and ate more red meat than I think I've ever eaten in one sitting!

Getting ready to go!(If you look can see the little baby bump!!)Birthday Boy Kayaking!



This is super cool....look how close we got to the seals/sea lions! One even jumped out of the water right in front of the kayak!


Sunday, August 30--  DEF LEPPARD!!!!!! Brook has been so looking forward to this show, and especially after Aerosmith got cancelled last weekend.  It was an AWESOME show.  Nothing beats 80's rock! Plus, the people watching is outstanding.

Plus... I think the baby really enjoyed his/her first concert!

Def Leppard

I was a little confused by what he meant by "rock faces picture" apparently...Rock faces!

We had a GREAT weekend!!! Happy Birthday baby!