how it all happened…

Let's start from the beginning.  Ok...maybe not the beginning, you all know how a baby is made.  And if you don't,  then go ask your mommy. I've basically been suffering from baby fever since the day we said "I do".  I wasn't able to take birth control due to the fact it made me crazy, so it has been a waiting game for us for the last year and a half anyway.  We weren't "trying", but we weren't being careful? Yeah, you get the point.

Well around the beginning of summer, the fever hit HARD, and we went on a trip to Israel with our friends and family.  And like many people are asking, no this isn't an Israel baby...but VERY close. Literally days after returning! Must have been something in the Jordan River!

Fast forward to 4th of July Weekend -- I wasn't feeling very "normal" and decided it was time to take a test.  I took one on Sunday morning, and it was slightly positive.  It was a dollar store test, and I had gotten a false positive about a year ago so I didn't trust it.  Monday morning (July 6th) I woke up at my normal 6:45 am and decided it was time to test again.  I still can't believe I waited a whole day! This time we were VERY positive.  So I pulled out the digital test I had been saving for this very occasion...and it looked like this:

A positive test!

Brook had stumbled out of bed to go to the bathroom about the time I had gotten my "YES+", and I was still slightly in a state of shock and had to figure out how to awake my sleep walking husband to tell him the news.  I'm not sure exactly what I said, but somehow I got the news across to him.  He stayed up with me for a while and we planned out the kids future, then I allowed him to go back to sleep (it was his day off).

That night we skyped with my parents in Oklahoma and Brook's parents who were in Seattle in transit to Alaska.  Kinda ironic that the day Brook's parents moved to Alaska was the day we found out we were adding to our family.  How's that for God's sense of humor?!?

Here we are, 2 months later and I'm so thankful we can share our news and tell the world how excited we are to be parents!!

MUCH more to come on our little one!!